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10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film

Nano Ceramic Material
10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film VLT: 10%
UV Rejection: 99%

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10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film - X10

   Traditional Metalic window films are highly reflective and mirror-like, making them great heat blockers and providing you privacy. The bad thing is that Metalic films block digital signals, which makes you unable to use radio, GPS, WIFI, Internet, and other electronic divices. Not to mention they are banned in some countries for saftey matters.

    Dyed window films might be the most common kind for its low cost. The name literally means that the films are dyed and dyed only. They do not block heat nor UV rays, only light. Moreover, the dye can fade through time under sunlight. And the film will become nothing more than a plastic sheet, exposing you and the interior under the cancer-causing UV light. 

    Ceramic window films are the latest trend now. They reduce glare, block UV and heat, allowing digital signals and visible light. They are durable and will hardly fade over time, because the ceramics allow the films to maintain the color and appearance over time. Our Nano Ceramic window films are nanoMark certified.

    By rejecting up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays, you can cool your car faster in hot days and stay comfy while driving. They also protect your car interior and yourself from the harming UV rays. You’ll save energy and money while keeping you and your interior young and beautiful.

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10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film Features

  • Nano Ceramic Material
  • Metal-free
  • No interfering with electronic devices
  • Low Reflectivity
  • High Heat Reduction
  • High Privacy
  • Safety Protection
  • Thickness: 2 Ply 2mil

10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film Specification

X series VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) UV Rejection IR Rejection
X10 10% 99% 95%
X20 16% 99% 96%
X35 33% 99% 96%
X50 53% 99% 95%

10% VLT Nano Ceramic Window Film Packaging: 1 jumbo roll in carton

size (m) carton (cm) N.W./ G.W. (kgs)
1.52 x 30 162 x 15 x 13 7/7.9