Professional High Transparency Static Cling Film Manufacturer

STATIC CLING WINDOW FILM / High Transparency Static Cling Film
High Transparency Static Cling Film
Material: polyvinyl chloride.
Type: non-adhesive film.
Principle: It is adsorbed on the car window or glass window through the principle of electrostatic, and the electrostatic attraction will not disappear.
1. Feel free to re-paste it yourself.
2. Easy to use.
3. No worries about residual glue.<
High Transparency Static Cling Film Specification: 
 Material: PVC
● Thickness: 0.15 mm
● Liner: paper, OPP
● 100% Made in Taiwan
Especificaciones de la película Polarizada Estática de alta transparencia:
● Material: PVC
● Espesor: 0,15 mm
● Forro: papel, OPP
● 100 % fabricado en Taiwán
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