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Car Curtain-Customized

Customized car curtains
is as elegant as your home curtains.

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Car Curtain (Customized)

We can make car curtain as your car window shape.


  • Double side draped drapery.
  • Embroidered tieback.
  • Track fit on any kind of window frame.
  • Hooks on track will not make any noise during driving.
  • Primer adhesive promoter, double-side tapes and velcro are from 3M.
  • Up to 4 degree anti-fading test. (same with high quality apparel)
  • Patent track design.


Car Curtain (Customized) - . Car Curtain (Customized)
Car Curtain (Customized)
Fabric Draped Drapery IR cut UV cut Anti-V.L.T
Black / Gray Jersey regular 95.7% 99.9% 90.9%
double side
Mesh regular 78.7%


double side
Star Blue (mesh) double side 82.7% 93% 80.2%
Bamboo Charcoal double side 99.8% 99.9% 99.9%



Black Mesh Curtain has the features of safety and comforts. It is ventilator
and can be seen through from inside or outside.

Star Blue (Mesh)

Star Blue Curtain created a relaxed environment for your vehicle.
Provide different kind of vision for your curtains.

Bamboo Charcoal Fiber

It is black outside and gray inside. The contain of bamboo charcoal is germproof,
antibacterial and deodorization by controlling the growing of germs.
The anion that Bamboo Charcoal release can also refresh your tiredness and calm your spirit.

Bacteriostasis (Nano- Zinc)

It is a kind of material that can apply on to the curtain.
The SGS testing shows that it is effectively anti-mildew and germproof.
The bacteriostasis can apply to any curtains above and provide a neat environment for the vehicle.

British Thermal Unit test by Thermal meter.

With Curtains is 10 BTU. Block out 99% IR and UV.                      Without curtain is 560 BTU 

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