AUTOMOTIVE / Wind Screen Sunshade

Roller Sunshade

for cars size: 42 x 130 cm
for vans size: 53 x 130 cm

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Roller Sunshade


  • High heat rejection performance.
  • It's quick to roll when you were going to drive.
  • Easy to storage.
  • It's only 2cm when it close, you don't have to remove when you are driving.
  • Universal.Packaging
  • Package: 1pc with blister; 50pcs/ ctn


Roller Sunshade - RS. Roller Sunshade
Roller Sunshade


  IR Rejection UV Rejection Visible Light Transmission
Car Life 10%~94% 99%~92% 2%~30%
Others 5% 89% 10%



It won' make noisy sound when you are driving.

Roller Sunshade Roller Sunshade Roller Sunshade Roller Sunshade


Package: 1pc with blister; 50pcs/ ctn

Item no 1pc / blister (cm) Outer carton (cm) N.W./ G.W. (kgs)
53 x 130 cm for vans 66 x 10 x 5 52 x 39 x 27 10.45/11.65
42 x 130 cm for cars 55 x 10 x 5 52 x 39 x 27 8.80/10

Installation Steps

Step 1 : Clean Inside of windshield.
Step 2 : Attach one suction cups clockwise to the screw threads. Press shade with attached suction cups onto windshield.
Step 3 : Roll out shade across windshield and attach one suction cup to hold shade in.
Step 4 : Attach one suction cup to another side, free to adjust the position of ring-pull.

roller sunshade x 1
ring-pull x 1
suction cups x 2
Step 1:
Take off the white safety covering.
Attach one suction cups, clockwise to the screw threads.

Note: DO NOT prick the suction cups
Insert the ring-pull into the top of the roller sunshade.

Note: CHOOSE the side with bigger hole.

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