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Static Window Film

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Static Window Film
Static Window Film has ultra transparency and high heat insulation. Static Window Film also reduces glare. It's free cutting, so it fits any shapes of window. It sticks on the window with static cling, no glue, so it's easy to install and remove. It's reusable for a thousand times. It's foldable and convenient to store. Waterwash when it's dirty.

Hans is Taiwan professional manufacturer of Static Window Film, Supply Any Kind Of Static Window Film. Has 31 years of experience in the Static Window Film. Accept OEM services.You are always the most welcome to contact us Static Window Film.

Static Window Film Specification: 

● Static Window Film Material: PVC
● Static Window Film Thickness: 0.15 mm
● Static Window Film Liner: paper, OPP
● Static Window Film 100% Made in Taiwan

Static Window Film Product line

color VLT IR cut UV cut
Transparent 73% 85.7% 99.9%
Dark Blue 10% 68% 97.2%
Light Black 22% 55% 96%
Dark Black 7% 67% 98%