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AUTOMOTIVE / Vinyl Car Wrap Film

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver

Color: Silver
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.15 mm
Package: 1 Jumbo roll/Carton, (DIY) PVC box
Optional: cutter, squeegee
100% Made in Taiwan

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3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Specification:

 Colors:   Black, Silver, Hairline
 Material:   PVC
 Thickness:   0.15 mm
 Size:   Jumbo Roll:   Width: 30, 60, 75, 90, 120, 152 cm
 Length: 30 m or above
 DIY:   30*60 cm, 60*75 cm, 60*150 cm, 90*150 cm
 Customizable, please contact us.
 100% Made in Taiwan

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Packaging: 
● 1 Jumbo roll/Carton
● (DIY) PVC box

1 Jumbo roll/Carton
PVC box

* DIY optional tools: squeegee, cutter

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Packing Specification: 

DIY: PVC box
Size (cm) Quantity Meas. (cm) N.W./G.W. (kg)
30*60 1 pc/box 6*6*32 0.1/0.12
6 box/carton 34*20*15 0.72/0.82
60*75 1 pc/box 6*6*62 0.23/0.25
6 box/carton 65*20*15 1.52/2.6
60*150 1 pc/box 6*6*62 0.4/0.42
6 box/carton 65*20*15 2.53/3.54
90*150 1 pc/box 6*6*92 0.61/0.63
6 box/carton 95*20*15 3.8/4.9

* For reference only. Actual data may vary due to customer requirements.

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Features: 
● Gives your car high end quality
● 3D look, high toughness, stretchable
● Free-cutting, self-adhesive, fits any curves and angle, strongly adhesive, applies perfectly
● Acid rain resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant, scratch resistant, water proof
● Easy to apply, bubble free, no spraying
● No residue, no ripped-off paint, no damaged car paint
● Keeps your car paint new
● Lower the cost on paint jobs
● Maintains the sense of wholeness
● Maintains your cars’ value
● Clean with water

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Installation:
Preparation: cutter, scissors, squeegee, detergent, hairdryer
1. Clean the applying surface with detergent.
2. Peel off the liner, apply the film on the surface, and squeegee the film smooth.
3. You may blow the curves with a hairdryer to soften the material. (It’s stretchable.)
Then smooth the film with your thumbs.
4. Trim the edges.
5. Do not wash your car within 3 days.
* Note: Do not apply the film in hot or windy days to avoid dust.

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Images: 


3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Comparison: 

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Car Wrap Film-Silver Can be Used on:
● Car Exterior: side mirrors, handles, hood, roof, trunk, bumpers, spoiler, pillars, etc.
● Car Interior: vent frame, front panel, car door panel, central console panel, stereo panel, steering wheel, etc.
● Others: motorcycles, scooters, bikes, helmets, cell phones, laptops, etc.

Roof                                  Vent Frame
Front Panel                                  Car Door Panel
                                                                         Central Console Panel
                                                                                 Stereo Panel
Steering Wheel