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Car Window Sunshade (Side Window)

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window)

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Car Window Sunshade (Side Window)

Honey Comb construction can reject heat.
Photocatalyst can decompose stench.
After shining through UV light, the TiO2 produces O3 and this physical phenomenon is existing.

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Features

  • Rejecting most of the sunlight directly shines into car.
  • The Flash Photocatalyst which is originally imported from Japan and re-processing in Taiwan.
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection Rate is 350% of the normal style.
  • Easy to storage& fold.
  • Enclosed with suction cups and can be used for long period of time if keep it clean.
  • Photocatalyst can decompose stench.
  • Honey Comb construction can reject heat.
  • Eave effects can reject heat.
  • The thickness is 15 times of the normal style.
3D Honey Comb Spring Shade - . 3D Honey Comb Spring Shade
3D Honey Comb Spring Shade


Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) The size of the sunshade

Sunshade Size
Honey Comb Sunshade (S) W44 x H36cm x 2pcs
Honey Comb Sunshade (M) W56 x H46cm x 2pcs
Front Side Window Used Honey Comb Sunshade W65 x H40cm x 2pcs



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